International performance tours bring a wealth of cultural experiences, group bonding, and new goals to band and choir students alike. Scotland is quickly becoming a popular destination for the fiery cultural heritage and unique activities it provides. Follow along below with a band’s recent international performance tour to Edinburgh, Scotland! Edinburgh Our band’s adventure began… Read More

Prior to visiting San Antonio Texas, I envisioned cowboys, Indians, horses, the Spurs and wide open spaces. What a pleasant surprise I received when I arrived in San Antonio and found a colonial-inspired architectural style, a river running through town, museums, art galleries, shopping, a vibrant performing arts and cultural community, and amusement parks. The… Read More

“You can do it in Portland, even if you’ve never done it before” is the Travel Portland website’s tag-line and rightfully so. Few destinations offer as much for performing students to do as Portland does, including the headlining Portland Rose Festival. Portland Rose Festival The Portland Rose Festival is an annual event that has been… Read More

Student Performance Travel Planning Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the landing in Normandy on a performance tour with your students in 2019. Walk the beaches where the troop carriers landed while your guide shares stories of valor and courage, tour the quaint sea town’s churches and historic sites, visit the battlefields where acts of bravery… Read More

“Nowhere will you see the majestic operations of nature more clearly revealed beside the frailest, most gentle and peaceful things. Nearly all the park is a profound solitude.” -John Muir about Yosemite National Park Ask anyone who has traveled to Yosemite or Sequoia National Park, it is an experience you’ll never forget. Particularly for students,… Read More